About Us


DousTech Trading is a specialized industrial product distributor founded in the United Arab Emirates in 2018. Through careful agent selection over the years, we have extended our business to cater to a broader audience, and we now specialize in four industrial areas: electrical, tires, medical, and lowcurrent systems.

We are the distributor of prominent manufacturers of supply monitoring systems and provide manufacturing services in addition to being a technical distributor. This enables us to offer valueadded services such as cable termination, final assembly, and electronic device testing.

DousTech Trading was founded to support and expand our business throughout the Middle East and Africa. We are the preferred technical supplier in the region, authorized to sell industrial electrical components, and the preferred supplier for contractors.

Our product line is divided into seven categories:

  • 1. Electrical
  • 2. Low-voltage and medium-voltage cables
  • 3. Lightings
  • 4. Professional Tools for Electrical and Industrial Applications Tools
  • 5. Tiers
  • 6. Low Current Systems
  • 7. Medical Equipment

DousTech Trading is committed to delivering high-quality goods and services to our customers. Our skilled team works closely with clients to address their specific requirements, and we continuously strive to develop innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and production.


At DousTech Trading, our competencies are what set us apart from the competition. Our success in delivering integrated engineering design solutions that fully comply with our client's project needs and specifications is based on the following:

1. Understanding our client’s needs: We take a rigorous approach at the outset of each project to fully understand our client's requirements and constraints, as well as any variables that could impact the project's success. This enables us to deliver solutions that are tailored to our client's needs.

2. Value Engineering: We foster a culture that encourages value engineering in all decisions during the planning, design, documentation, and construction phases. This approach ensures that we deliver cost-effective solutions that meet our clients' needs.

3. Commitment to Quality, Safety, and Reliability: Our company values of commitment, quality, safety, reliability, trust, and integrity are at the heart of everything we do. We encourage our people to work ethically, and we strive to continuously improve our processes to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.


DousTech Trading is a provider of high-performance engineering technologies and smart electrical and mechanical systems and solutions. We specialize in building, connecting, powering, and protecting valuable assets and critical infrastructures.

Our team offers full-line solutions and technical intelligence that create reliable, resilient systems that can sustain and grow your business and community. With our supply chain management expertise and technical know-how, we drive efficiency and effectiveness to benefit your bottom line, not just today, but also tomorrow and beyond.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions for buildings, commercial sites, global industries, and critical infrastructure from concept to realization. Our services include supply, installation, maintenance, repair, and modernization.

As a responsible business, we promote ethical practices at every level of the company and expect the same from our employees and partners. We conduct business with honesty and in accordance with the law and our Global Business Ethics and Conduct Policy.

Our ultimate goal is to create reliable, resilient engineering solutions that drive efficiency and effectiveness to benefit our customers for their personal and professional needs. At DousTech Trading, we believe that our success is measured by the success of our customers.


At DousTech Trading, we believe that success is achieved through collective gains and achievements. Our company culture is built on this foundation, enabling us to help our employees reach their full potential, provide our customers with high-quality solutions, offer mutual benefits to our suppliers, and contribute to the development of our society while preserving the environment.

We measure our competency by the satisfaction of our customers, who constantly seek us out for our reliable solutions. Our vision is to:

1. Be the preferred and most trusted company in the region, supplying high-performance, latest technology solutions, and services for multi-sector investment projects.

2. Be our customers' partner of choice, offering the latest world-class technology solutions and services from our highly talented workforce, and delivering "quality products through quality services.”

3. Foster deep partnerships with our key suppliers to ensure that both parties understand and can respond to our strict process and product requirements.